Behavioral Health NYC IPA, LLC (BHNYC) consists of community-based providers of mental health and substance use disorder services in New York City licensed under Article 31 (mental health) and Article 32 (substance use) of the New York State Mental Hygiene Law. BHNYC is made up of eight equal owner members with a total of ten participating providers.




If you want to make a referral to any one of our member agencies, click on the agency name which will take you to their website that includes further instructions on how to make an appointment:

Our NYC Locations

  • Substance Use Treatment Facility (Outpatient)
  • Mental Health Treatment Facility (Outpatient)
  • Substance Use Treatment Facility (Residential)
  • Substance Use Treatment Facility (Outpatient) and Mental Health Treatment Facility (Outpatient)

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Make a Referral

More information on sending electronic referrals to our member agencies will be announced soon!