Mission & Vision

Behavioral Health New York City (BHNYC) IPA is a community-focused behavioral health network whose members operate mental health and substance use clinics and substance use residential services.

BHNYC member agencies share a history of offering rapid access to behavioral health services that are embedded in the community and delivered by culturally competent and linguistically diverse clinicians.

BHNYC builds upon the unique relationships between the agencies and communities they serve. The IPA develops strategic alliances and partnerships with social service agencies, hospital systems, primary care physician groups, and managed care organizations to fill gaps in care and to improve health outcomes.

Using technology, data, and a variety of evidence and population-based service models, this new unified entity positions the IPA to engage in meaningful VBP arrangements with managed care organizations.

The IPA is also committed to working to support the “quadruple aim” by including a focus on employee satisfaction to assure the retention of a competently prepared and diverse behavioral health workforce.